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HiZone has the best web hosting resources available. We understand that accessibility and speed is always a major concern. Hosting with HiZone assures your customers high reliability and speed, and assures you of a quality web presence. We have our servers located in the US with 24-hour monitored Network Operations Center.

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HiZone offers Multiple DS3(45Mb/s)and OC3(155Mb/s) Connections to the internet Diverse Backbones. We believe this combination can achieve a kind of service you can count on! We guarantee high performance due to the latest and most powerful equipment.
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HiZone utilizes redundant DS3 lines through multiple providers including Sprint, UUNet and MCI. This gives unique balance of performance, availability and compatibility. These capabilities make our servers ideal center for the innovative enterprise and encompassing applications.
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Domain Registration
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Obtaining your domain name is a must on the Internet. A domain name safeguards and projects your company's individual identity on the Internet.
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We help our customers in domain name registration. You can have domain name of your choice like www.yourcompany.com (Requires a registration with InterNIC) or you can have national domain names like www.yourcompany.com.pk. (Requires registration with pkNIC). If name of your choice is already taken, we will help you in choosing a name that closely matches your needs.

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